Multi talent Jessica Lowndes

I would like to introduce you to Jessica Lowndes. You might know her as the beautiful Adrianna Tate-Duncan in ‘90210’. But she is not only a well-known actress, she appears to be a great singer.

As can be seen in the series, the character Adrianna pursues a professional singing career. Therefore her storyline includes many songs performed by her. She has an amazing voice and I always wondered if she has released any material as Jessica Lowndes. I never really paid much attention to it, until I happened to come across some of her songs on YouTube.

It turns out that she pursued a singing career earlier, but her acting career really took off. Nonetheless, she has released an EP called ‘Nothing Like This’. Watch the music video for the song ‘Falling In Love’, a collaboration with Ironik, and the title track ‘Nothing Like This‘ of her EP. I think Jessica deserves a lot more credit for her singing skills…


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