Esmée Denters now

Fame Megastore tweeted about the update of their photo album on Facebook. They have added pictures of Esmée Denters’ instore signing in the Fame Amsterdam back in may 2009. I remembered being there and meeting Esmée. I already had bought her album so she personally signed it for me. After reading this tweet I wondered what she has been up to lately. Is she still out there? Performing? Working on new material?

So where is she now? I find it sad to see that her international website doesn’t exist anymore. It was highly promoted during Justin Timberlake’s ‘Futuresex/Loveshow’ in Amsterdam. I still have the flyer somewhere. But the positive side of it is that Esmée uses Twitter to the fullest. She is very active in connecting with her fans. She is not only tweeting about what she is doing, but she also takes the time to tweet personal notes.

Esmée is busy promoting her new song ‘It’s Summer Because We Say So’, a catchy summer tune. The track is promotional for 17 Cosmetics, a brand that Esmée is endorsing. She is performing at various occasions. ‘City Lights’ was rumored to be the first single of her second album. Unfortunately it’s still not sure when her new album will be released.


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